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DreamHost Joins OpenStack Foundation

DreamHost Joins OpenStack Foundation

What does DreamHost love more than anything in the world? Cheap love and free beer… Or was that free love and cheap beer? Hmmm. Either way, we’re big fans of both combinations.

What’s our next great passion?

Apple sauce! No wait, I meant open source. Uhhg, I think I’ve had too much cheap love to drink. Don’t judge. DreamHost is very passionate about open source – in all different shapes, colors and sizes. What can I say? We’re easy. Our devs have worked on nine different projects. They’ve also logged in over 9,000 code commits. That’s a lot of open source love for just one company!

One particularly exciting open source project is Ceph, the massively scalable, distributed file system. DreamHost is the principal sponsor behind this storage technology that will one day, take the world by storm, and enable big data to become giant, or as the Spaniards say, “gigante”.

Our involvement doesn’t just stop at man-hours and code contributions. We understand that community is the backbone of open source. That’s why we’ve done our best to unite and foster user groups, participate in blueprint management and project leadership, and financially sponsor related conferences.

It’s no secret that we loves us some OpenStack™, the open source cloud operating system. DreamHost has launched two OpenStack Meetups (LA & Atlanta), contributed code to several projects (e.g. Nova, Quantum, Horizon), participated in Design Summits, and sponsored OpenStack at OSCON and their Conferences in Boston and San Francisco.

Today, DreamHost joined seventeen other technology companies in announcing their membership of the OpenStack Foundation. The Foundation is a formal arrangement and it’ll ensure that all OpenStack-y things that we hold dear – like community – are protected and empowered.

DreamHost strongly believes that OpenStack is the key to the next-generation of cloud services, and we want to do our part to ensure that this project has staying power for decades to come, continues progressing rapidly with unbridled innovation, and receives widespread adoption and global domination – muahahaha!

OK. Global domination might be a bit much, so we’ll just settle for worldwide adoption and free beer. Deal?

Fonte: DreamHost Blog

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    Márcia Souza – Ateliê Rio

    Estou muito satisfeita com tudo! Tenho uma assinatura anual e não preciso me preocupar com nada! O email do Google é o máximo! Recomendo!!

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